MIRAI ASBLは、ベルギーのLouvain-La-Neuveにて震災遺児支援活動(震災遺児のメンタルサポートを基軸とした活動)をしております。

*ASBLはAssociation sans but lucratifの略で、日本でいうNPOです。

The main goal of Mirai ASBL is to bring mental support/help to the Tsunami orphans

from Japan.

* ASBL(Association Sans But Lucratif) means an Association without lucrative

purpose, same as a NPO in English.

MIRAI ASBL活動指針/MIRAI ASBL Activity guidelines


We consider that these orphans are not just pitiful children. We think they have the potential of breakthrough and progress. So, our activities are carried with close attentions and  considerations to widen their possibilities.






Gain  decision



Broaden  links


Improve commu-nication skills


Gain Positive energies





Normally, Teenagers are in the period of difficulty. So they are often rebellious to their parents even though parents consider them. But still for the children, their parents are reliable and indicators (point of reference) in most cases.

The orphans have a deep sense of despair because of their hardships, their experienced of terror and the lost of their parent(s) at the same time. Acceptance of such events is not a easy process. It’s already passed more than 3 yeas. First 1 year, many children could act courageously, but slowly with mental pressure accumulating, many of them started to be unstable.

They all have a wide abilities but many of them don't know how to make the most of their abilities, and they lost “the person” who were able to give them advice. At the same time, they often hesitate to speak about what they want to do and to take action, because of the severe situation surrounding them.

To bring oneself to life, a sense of purpose and aim is a necessity.

Just right now, they indeed need this sense of purpose & aim.

Therefore, we are here to back them up in their effort and our activities are motivated toward this goal.

Major members


Representative:Emmanuel Bia

Deputy representative:Fréderic Bia

Director:Hisako Kimura

​Takako Omata


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